RXDC - High frequency intraoral X-Ray Un
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SIRAY Intraoral X-Ray Unit

High Frequency DC Constant Voltage Control Technology

Compared to power frequency technology:

Better image quality

Greatly reduces the radiation dose

Extends the service life of the X-Ray generator

The amount of radiation is not affected by the voltage fluctuations


High Quality Image

Advanced high frequency and constant voltage DC generator

Canon DC X-Ray Tube

Focal Spot 0.7mm delivers sharp images with optimal detail

The selectable kV values (60kV/70kV) and mA values (4mA/7mA) provide excellent for diagnosis

Convenient Image Options

8 preset programs can be chosen quickly according to the type of teeth.

Maxillary anterior and mandibular anterior programs

Maxillary premolar/canine programs and mandibular premolar/canine programs

Maxillary molar and mandibular molar programs

Maxillary occlusal & mandibular occlusal programs

Bite-wing program

Scientific Design of X-Ray Tube Head

Unique ergonomic design makes it convenient to move and easy for cleaning

Scientific weight ratio makes sure smooth rotation and stable positioning

Scale for cone angle makes the positioning easy and accurate

Stable & Reliable Technology

Automatic detection and correction for mains voltage fluctuation

Full protection against tube over heating with accurate cool down procedure

Back-up timer will make SIRAY much safer during operation

Fault self-testing helps to improve the efficiency of technical service